The Power Of Words: You Are What You Speak !

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Right ? WRONG ! The more I learn and grow the more I come to find that certain things we were taught as children just aren’t so.
Words are very powerful, not only the words of others who are close to us, but even more importantly the words that we say to ourselves !

The words we speak are in direct relation to our mental attitude. Positive speaking people without coincidence have positive mental attitudes and negative speaking people have negative mental attitudes. This is not by chance ! Our minds are like computers in the sense that we can only put out based on what we have put in. Every time we speak or we are spoken to we are inputting information.

Are you feeding yourself healthy mental food ? Mental health is just as important if not more important than are physical health. From a physical health standpoint we are what we eat, but in terms of mental health we are what we speak ! With that said, why is it so often overlooked ? Most of us have no idea how powerful our words really are. Take into account the fact that a person can tell themselves a lie long enough until they actually start to believe it !

This happens through the power of our subconscious mind and the programming we do by continually inputting the same information over and over. You may have heard the phrase “speak it into existence”. It’s not a myth folks, it’s the law of the universe. We become what we think about, and much of what we think about is what we speak about !

It’s very important that we form a strong belief system based on the right beliefs. This way we are constantly speaking positive things into our lives and also throwing anything out that we may receive that doesn’t line up with our beliefs.  We should never speak down on ourselves or allow others to do so. We are all we have. There’s nobody more in control of our mental attitude than ourselves.

With words being such a strong driving force for our mind we must be careful of what we speak and the words that we choose ! Use words as a tool to motivate and inspire instead of to have a negative impact. Many religions speak of the importance of controlling the tongue and we are aware of this. The catch is to know that it doesn’t just apply to what you say to others but what you say to yourself as well !

We must master our self talk and become our biggest fan. If we don’t support ourselves then who will ? I encourage everybody to make a habit of this so that you will only speak positively and in doing that you will train yourself to always have a positive mental attitude. I guarantee that it will completely change your life around.

Creativity is clouded by negativity and you can not reach your full potential without speaking positivity into your mind ! Claim the success that is rightfully yours and go ahead and begin speaking what it is that you seek to have in your life even before you yourself can fully see it. Begin speaking using the words “I Am” and fill in the blanks with what you aspire to be and make a commitment to persevere until you see the changes that you want to see ! This is the sure way to be the winner that you are destined to be ! Much success to you all !!


3 thoughts on “The Power Of Words: You Are What You Speak !

  1. When God was asked by Moses who he should say sent him to Pharaoh, He simply answered, “I AM.” Much of creation happened by the spoken word of God. The Bible is filled with advice and warnings about the tongue. We boast great things with it. We bless and curse with it. As a man thinks, so is he. What we think, we speak, so we need to guard what we say because life and death are in the power of the tongue. Shalom! Dan

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